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Best day hike gear for dogs
This post is about hiking gear for dogs.

One of my favorite things to do throughout the year is to visit new places. Hiking is one of the best ways to explore when I’m traveling and my favorite hiking partner is my dog, Sancho. He is always game to accompany me, regardless of the season.

While I take my own gear choices pretty seriously, I also like to make sure that my canine companion is well-equipped for whatever conditions we’ll face on the trail.

Here are the best day hiking gear for dogs from Kurgo, that keeps Sancho happy and safe while we adventure together.

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Hiking Necessities

When Sancho and I get to the trailhead for an easy day hike, I suit him up in the Stash n’ Dash Harness, which is lightweight and easily stashable.

Hiking Gear For Dogs

For more active pursuits, I’ll wear the RSG Active Utility Belt, which allows me to keep Sancho secure while keeping my hands free. The utility belt is super versatile, I like to attach the Mash n Stash Collapsible Bowl to keep my daypack a little lighter.

We always make sure Sancho is well hydrated, we use the Gourd Water Bottle for short hikes. The best way to store Sancho’s food is the Kibble Carrier, which keeps his food secure and dry. It also has a pocket to store the Mash N’ Stash Collapsible Dog Bowl, which I use for Sancho’s meals and water along the way.

On longer hikes Sancho carries his own gear in the Baxter Dog Backpack, which frees up more space in my pack. It is where we also put Sancho’s First Aid Kit.

On waterfall hikes, we bring Sancho’s Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket. It’s also great for weekend paddle boarding or boating adventures!

Whenever I’m on the trail, I always remember the leave no trace. When nature calls, I’m prepared to pack out Sancho’s waste and the Duty Bag-Dog Poop Bag Dispenser makes clean-up easy. It attaches to the Humble Dog Leash and even has hooks so I can carry the used bags back to the trailhead with me.

Hiking Gear for Dogs on Rugged Trail

Hiking Gear For Dogs

During more rugged hikes, Sancho requires a bit more equipment to stay safe and comfortable. For longer days on the trail, I use the Journey Air Dog Harness, which is a little burlier than the Stash N Dash but is still breathable and lightweight. Both harnesses are equipped with reflective trim for nighttime visibility, but I also like to attach the RSG MOLLE Light to his collar, just in case we’re out on the trail after dark.

When we go on adventures together, it’s common to experience a lot of rough terrain. In these kinds of conditions, I use the Step-n-Strobe Dog shoes to protect Sancho’s paws. They’re also great for hiking in the summertime when the ground is a lot hotter.

Prepare for Changes in the Weather

This blog post is about hiking gear for dogs.

The weather can change quickly in the mountains, where we find ourselves hiking often.

For early spring and fall hikes, when temperatures fluctuate more often than other times of the year, Sancho wears the Loft Dog Jacket. This jacket is great for sunrise, sunset hikes and around the campfire too when it is colder than usual.

When we find ourselves in hotter climates during the summer, Sancho wears his Dog Core Cooling Jacket to make sure he is comfortable. I love that it uses evaporative cooling and reflects the heat from the sun to keep Sancho’s core cooler.

Peace of Mind

Even though Sancho and I go hiking to relax and get away from the real world, I take his safety and comfort on the trail seriously. It’s a relief to have found so many amazing trail-tested products that were built with just that in mind! What is your canine companion’s favorite hiking gear?

Hiking Gear For Dogs



This blog post is about hiking gear for dogs.


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